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Court Reporting

Court reporting is our core competency.

Realtime. Web streaming. Rush orders. Expert translations in any language. The state of the art in 21st century court reporting, backed by decades of hard-earned experience.

Tap our premium shorthand reporter service if you want the job done ahead of the deadline and without any sacrifice of quality. Our court reporters are known for capturing the record with unbroken accuracy, rapid turnaround and exceptional customer service.

 What do you need done today?

Continental Court Reporters offers premium multimedia court reporting solutions for depositions, arbitrations, hearings and trials at both the State and Federal levels. We can do oral, telephonic or video depositions, as needed.

Our transcription services are available…

  • Across industries and legal specialities
  • In realtime
  • Streamed over the Internet
  • As daily rough drafts
  • In or out of court
  • In-person or remotely
  • In your desired format and media
  • Synced with professional video (produced in-house)
  • With hyperlinked exhibits, indexing and compression.
  • With accurate multi-language translations
  • With easy online scheduling and anytime-access to your files.

On-Location Videography

Facilities Reservation & Setup

We will arrange a space for the deposition and coordinate with all parties on your behalf. Everything is set up and performance-tested in advance. Our videographers and court reporters will bring all the materials and equipment necessary for a smooth deposition, including individual microphones for every speaker.

Post-Production Work

Video-transcript synchronization. We provide synchronized video products that are compatible with your legal software, including Sanction, Trial Director, DepoView, LiveNote and Powerpoint.

Other Services

We can prepare the documents and information associated with your case: written questions for depositions, records by authorization, and more.

We also file court papers, prepare and serve subpoenas, obtain all types of records, conduct research and deploy notary or process servers.

Why Continental Court Reporters?

Customized Service

Each of our clients has a certain way they want things to get done, so we don’t offer cookie-cutter services. Everything we do is customized to your requirements, down to the last detail. Just provide your specifications and we’ll tailor all deliverables to match.

Athletic Reliability

Reliability is nothing if it can’t respond to changing conditions. Most of our clients are facing non-negotiable deadlines, exacting standards, nerve-wracking caseloads – so we stay footloose, always ready to field sudden changes and solve problems at a moment’s notice. This attitude leads to impressive turnaround times and unwavering respect for your deadlines.

If court reporting were an Olympic sport, we’d be in it for the gold. As it stands, we’re content to have your satisfaction as our medal.

Time-Tested Excellence

Continental Court Reporters is a recognized leader in the U.S. court reporting community. Our excellent reputation comes from our nose-to-the-grindstone work ethic and unusually high standards. It’s the result of years of experience and countless lessons learned.

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There are plenty of agencies out there who rely on flashy sales reps, exaggerated claims and lowball offers to entice new clients. Call us old-school, but we believe there’s no substitute for the real thing. New clients often come to Continental because they’ve heard we’re the best. They become regulars because their experience resonates with the claim.

For premium court reporting service anywhere in the world, get in touch with Continental Court Reporters. Your service representative can be reached at (800) 779-6981 or contact us