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Interpreters / Translation

Lost in translation? Get fluent with Continental.

Skilled multi-language legal interpreters and translators are hard to come by. The reality is that few are up to the admittedly daunting task. And if you need a qualified realtime interpreter, the pool of capable professionals shrinks still further.

How do you get the caliber of assistance you need, when you need it?

Touch base with Continental Court Reporters. As our business partner, you can take for granted your access to the very best in legal interpreting and translation. Not even the most powerful computers in the world can outperform our language professionals.

We can provide you with:

  • Oral court interpreters with a strong legal background
  • Transcripts translated in realtime
  • Transcripts streamed live over the Internet
  • Simultaneous or consecutive interpreting
  • Fast and accurate text translations in any language
  • Anywhere-in-the-world service

Top Talent, At Your Service

Continental interpretations and translations are highly accurate. They are unbiased and authoritative. And they make your life easier.

Why worry about misinterpretations or slow, inscrutable proceedings if you don’t have to? A partnership with Continental ensures multi-language proceedings are as smooth and fast as if everything was monolingual. You’ll get immaculate text translations, when you want them.

Choose Continental Court Reporters for your local, national and international interpreter and translation needs. No matter where you are located, we can help you achieve the optimum fluency of vital testimony in any language. Please call (800) 779-6981 for more details.