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Legal Video Services

Crystal-Clear Footage that Speaks Volumes.

Video depositions and courtroom presentations are time-consuming to produce, but they can make a huge difference in the outcome of a case.

Continental Court Reporters specializes in professional legal video production, including but not limited to video depositions. Our footage comes with all the bells and whistles needed to assure authentic audiovisual impact and user-friendly convenience.

We’ve got the equipment, studio and crew to save you time and money. You can outsource video production to our firm to control costs without worrying about the quality or usability of the final product.

Video Features

  • Synchronization with transcripts
  • Live switching capabilities
  • Nonlinear editing
  • Linked exhibits
  • Presentation support
  • Flexible formats
  • 5-year archival
  • Automatic backups

Why Continental Court Reporters?

Local, National & International Travel   |  Need to depose a witness in Timbuktu? We’re on it. The Continental team travels near and far. Our international videography services make geographic limitations obsolete.

Dutiful Turnaround   |  We keep your desired turnaround top-of-mind and provide frequent status updates. Our staff regularly beat deadlines others struggle to meet.

Premium Productions   |  Our videography is characterized by excellent audio quality, crisp visuals and flawless synchronization. It’s designed to reflect well on you.

Top-Tier Staff   |  Our videographers have more than two decades of legal multimedia experience. All personnel respect the confidentiality of protected information. We set the bar in top-tier court reporting through the proficient talents and ethics of our staff.

The Right Attitude   |  Continental staff are not only skilled technicians, they’re also professionals of the highest caliber. You can expect our team to show up early, prepared and ready to provide courteous guidance. We’ve got the right attitude for this line of work.

How To Get Started

Our media experts make videos that underscore your credibility. Assign your legal video work to the best service provider for the job: Continental Court Reporters.

Get a quick start by scheduling a video deposition or ordering a copy of an existing video. You can also call (800) 779-6981 to speak with a service representative.