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Realtime Court Reporting

Transcript Access in the Heat of Battle:

Interactive realtime court reporting is the simultaneous translation of the reporter’s stenotype notes into readable text. This innovative service allows attorneys and paralegals to connect to our realtime reporter’s computer and immediately view draft testimony on laptops, iPads and other mobile devices.

Capturing the Record in Realtime

Continental’s court reporters are masters of realtime reporting. We combine the unmatched accuracy of the best shorthand methods with state-of-the-art software to instantly convert spoken words into a live text stream for your immediate use.
Our realtime court reporting services include:

  • Secure multi-device transcript feeds across a variety of media, including laptops, iPads, and other mobile devices
  • User-friendly wireless connectivity solutions
  • Rapid long-distance sharing via Internet streaming
  • Dynamic indexing and transcript search capabilities
  • Private searching, marking of key sections, and outlines
  • In-house equipment and tech support

Why Realtime?

With realtime court reporting, you save time when time is precious. You get minute-by-minute access to live testimony in a usable format, helping you stay quick on your feet as testimony unfolds. You can:

  • Access all recorded testimony without having to interrupt proceedings.
  • Save time on updates and information-sharing.
  • Stream live testimony over the web to key stakeholders.
  • Search fresh testimony for objections, exhibits, words and more with zero time delay.
  • Make private annotations seamlessly synchronized with the transcript as testimony unfolds.

Why Continental Court Reporters?

Realtime defines the highest level of performance in court reporting. It’s worth it – if you can find the right service provider. Consider Continental Court Reporters for your realtime reporting needs if you want a professional who is:

Capable of High-Speed Accuracy

Realtime is only as useful as the court reporter on the job. It takes sophisticated cognitive skills and lots of practical experience to produce high-quality results at top speed. We are proud to be one of the elite that can exceed your expectations in this department. Our realtime services let you enjoy instantaneous draft transcripts with unprecedented accuracy and readability.

At Home on the Cutting Edge

Realtime is today’s technology. Today’s court reporters must continually leverage new capabilities in the service of enhanced speed and accuracy. Our firm minds the cutting edge of realtime technology to ensure peak performance when it counts.

As soon as we capture the record, it’s yours.

When it comes to capturing the spoken word, nothing is more useful than realtime court reporting. And when it comes to accessing the very best in realtime, no one can take you farther than Continental Court Reporters.

To tap our realtime reporting services, please call (800) 779-6981 to speak to a service representative right away. We will make all necessary arrangements according to the terms you specify. Just let us know what you need.