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Records Retrieval Services

Our work is to minimize yours.

Big cases. Process servers. Depositions. Notary. Records. Research. Document production. Our court reporting firm specializes in document production and records retrieval on a global scale. Whatever you need, we can find it.

Service Features To Note:

  • International records retrieval
  • Rapid turnaround with last-minute flexibility
  • Convenient ordering and frequent status updates
  • Meticulous record-keeping
  • 100% confidentiality
  • Copies, formatting, indexing, Bates-stamping, scans, archiving and more
  • Strict adherence to the rules and procedures specified by records custodians
  • Online repository storage with 24/7 access

What We Do

As your records service provider, we’ll take your most labor-intensive documentary chore and distill it into a known quantity of relevant information, served up in an accessible and actionable format.

#1 – Locate & Compile

Records Retrieval | Rapid Location, Reproduction & Certification

Continental Court Reporters specializes in finding, copying and preparing many types of private and public records. We’ve got a huge indexed database to maximize speed per request. All records can be supported by an Affidavit or Certification.

With a Subpoena or Authorization, we can recover:

  • Medical documentation, including emergency room and ambulance records
  • Financial records and bills
  • Business records, including personnel and payroll data
  • Police and autopsy reports
  • Scholastic records
  • State and federal accident records
  • Special exhibits like x-rays and slides

What if you need another kind of record? Don’t sweat it. We can get it.

Research Assistance | People & Data Fast-Finder Service

Need to identify or locate a specific person, organization, business, government agency, or document? If it’s out there, we will find it. Extensive sleuthing experience and targeted technology enable us to zero in on the info you need, no matter where it lives.

#2 – Organize & Process

Online Records Repository | Convenient and Secure Digital Storage

Use our secure online repository to store your important records for reference at any time.

Large Document Production | Simplified High-Volume Processing

Large case management is a Continental specialty. We can generate, copy, Bates-stamp, index and archive a huge volume of physical and digital paperwork in record time. Our staff take precise directions as to how document searches and preparation should be executed to minimize your legal risks. Just specify your parameters.

#3 – Certify & Deliver

Texas Notary Services | Statewide Notary Access

Getting your paperwork properly notarized shouldn’t take a lot of time or money. If you need notary services in Texas, we can get it done fast. All it takes is a quick phone call. (We also provide notary services for depositions as appropriate.)

Across Jurisdictions | Letters Rogatory & Local Subpoenas

We are often asked to file the papers for new cases across jurisdictional lines, including opening Texas cases out-of-state and opening out-of-state cases in Texas for local subpoenas. Ask us about our letters rogatory/commission services.

We’ll be your records workhorse.

How do you get from obscure and chaotic to simplified, sorted and primed for presentation? Continental Court Reporters. We are master records managers with the legal literacy necessary to take on your critical information discovery challenges. Our mission is to serve your needs with prompt professionalism.

Our records services help you take a load off and cut document production costs for nearly any organization. Anyone can submit a records request online  or call us at the office to get the ball rolling ASAP: (800) 779-6981.